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What is an AnedotID or DonorID?
What is an AnedotID or DonorID?

Anedot for Donors

Updated over a week ago

Anedot provides registered donors with a faster checkout experience and the ability to track giving history, manage commitments, and save payment methods.

A DonorID is not required to make successful donations through Anedot.

To sign up for a DonorID, click here!

When setting up a DonorID, be sure to use the same email that was used to submit your donations. Donations made under a different email will not be connected to your DonorID.

If you receive an error when attempting to sign up for a DonorID, you may have an existing DonorID. Contact our Support team here for further assistance!

If you already have a DonorID, click here to log in.

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