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Why is Anedot on my card statement?
Why is Anedot on my card statement?
Updated over a week ago

Anedot is the fundraising platform for not-for-profit organizations including churches, education organizations, and political campaigns.

Anedot may appear on your credit card statement when an organization has not set its custom credit card statement description or if it was a donation using our Tandem Pages feature through Anedot Marketplace. If you see a donation with A*Anedot Mktpl on your statement, this was a donation to Anedot customer(s).

If you are attempting to determine why Anedot has shown on your credit card statement, please search your email for Anedot and see if you have received a receipt from our system.

If you cannot find a receipt, please contact our Support team at and we will be happy to assist you!

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