Verify Bank Account
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For ACH or Direct Bank Draft donations, Anedot requires that your bank account credentials be verified through Plaid. Plaid is a secure platform that uses your online banking credentials to verify your bank account details. Anedot does not record or save your online banking credentials.

To learn more about Plaid, click here.

To submit your donation using ACH or Direct Bank Draft as your form of payment:

  1. Click the blue Connect Bank Account button at the bottom of the form.

  2. Select or enter your bank's name

  3. Use your online banking credentials to connect your bank account successfully.

  4. Choose the account that you wish to use for your donation.

  5. Once verified, you will be able to continue with processing your donation.

Pro-tip: If you do not see the Connect Bank Account button, you are likely signed in to your DonorID and already have a bank account saved as your preferred payment method. In this case, you will need to select Use new payment method and enter your bank information to populate the Connect Bank Account button. With each ACH donation, you will need to verify your bank account through Plaid.

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